1 Way Audio Door Entry Kit. Includes Panel, Fobs, Handset, Power Supply - ACO COMO

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The new COMO-PRO supersedes the FAMILIO-P/PV door entry panels.  

It retains the same elegant brushed stainless-steel design as its predecessor with enhanced electronics for easy installation and new software for greater control. 

The COMO-PRO is suitable for individual houses or blocks of up to a maximum of 6 apartments.  


  • 1x Door Panel (COMO-PRO-A1)
  • 1x Surface Backbox
  • 1x Power Supply 15V DC (P65-15 DIN)
  • 1x Handset (UPRO G3)
  • 1x Master Key Fob for programming
  • 1x User Key Fob


  • New intercom control electronics for greater reliability
  • RJ45 connectors for easy installation
  • PRO 3G (ACO’s 3rd generation) Series Management Software
  • Built in RFID Reader
  • Includes 1x Master Key Fob for programming
  • Includes 1x User Key Fob
  • Remote management of devices
  • Full management of proximity tags with key fob master and super master

Panel Features:

  • System Type: PRO-A
  • 2 mm thick flat front panel
  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Illuminated keypad buttons (keypad version)
  • Illuminated call buttons with backlit, easily interchangeable description fields
  • Integrated RFID reader
  • Each Apartment can have up to 10 Key Fobs
  • Manage Key Fob access via Master Key Fob or PC using PRO-USB cable
  • Control additional devices – gates, barrier, lighting, roller blinds, home automation. (Additional PRO I/O-60 (G3) module may be required)
  • Optional acoustic or light signalling device for ringing in apartment (PRO I/O-60 (G3) required)
  • Vandal resistant and weatherproof
  • Works with exit buttons and e-Locks
  • Easy to use
  • Supports multiple expansion modules to increase system functionality
  • Compatible with all ACO digital devices operating in PRO and PRO-A systems

Disability features:

  • Audible and optical signalling
  • Illuminated buttons
  • Braille fonts option available on request for panels with keypad

Product Data Sheet DOWNLOAD Installation and User Guide

Extra Information

ACO Door Entry Systems
System Type:
2mm front panel, brushed stainless steel
Dimensions - Flush:
Flush mounted panel 197x90 | Flush mounted mounting box 179x73x32
Dimensions - Surface:
Surface mounted panel 174,8x67 | Surface mounted box 177,1x70x36,5/25,4
Installation cable type:
Min. 3 wires or CAT 5E/6 with RJ45 connectors
Line length:
Max. 1000m
Power supply:
15V DC / 400mA
Standby power consumption:
~ 2,5W
Brushed stainless steel
No. of Call Buttons:
1 Call Button
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