1 Way Audio Door Entry Panel, Letterbox, RFID

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The new digital door entry unit, COMO-PRO-POST, in a letterbox style with built in RFID reader and 1 call button.

It also has same elegant brushed stainless-steel design as all ACO devices as is ideal for single family residences


  • Spacious, pass-through letterbox in C4 size, combined with intuitive door entry unit
  • Adjustable depth of the box, so it can easily match the thickness of the post or wall
  • Lockable mail removal door with key, with clear view window for content inspection
  • Can be personalised - such as engraved address - please call for more information
  • RJ45 connectors for easy installation
  • PRO 3G (ACO’s 3rd generation) Series Management Software
  • Intuitive operation and simple configuration
  • Built in RFID Reader
  • Includes 1x Master Key Fob for programming
  • Includes 1x User Key Fob
  • Remote management of devices
  • Full management of proximity tags with key fob master and super master


  • Individually backlit call button with illuminated description field
  • Control additional devices – gates, barrier, lighting, roller blinds, home automation. (Additional PRO I/O-60 (G3) module may be required)
  • Optional acoustic or light signalling device for ringing in apartment (PRO I/O-60 (G3) required)
  • Vandal and weather resistance
  • Extensive individual configuration possibilities
  • Compatible with all PRO and PRO-A devices
  • Acoustic information in apartment about door opening (door opening signal)
  • Facilities for people with disabilities (including acoustic and visual signalling of panel functions, backlit button)
  • Option to connect various types of E-lock
  • Programming for all devices via a PC (using PRO-USB cable)


  • 2 x screw connectors, separable:
    • NO button connection e.g. "bell" button for direct activation of the electric door strike
  • 2 x detachable screw terminals:
    • Connection of a separate power supply for the door opener output


  • 2 x "ELOCK" detachable screw connectors:
    • connection of a traditional (max. 1A) or a reversing electric door strike (max.0.5A)
  • 5 x "ELOCK" detachable screw terminals (for connecting the PRO system bus):
    • Connection of audio signal: "LINE”
    • power supply connection: „+DC" and "-DC"
    • Video signal connection: „V+" and "V-"
  • 1 x Rj45 connector:
    • connection of PRO system bus

Product Data Sheet DOWNLOAD Installation and User Guide

Extra Information

ACO Door Entry Systems
System Type:
2mm thick flat front panel and illuminated brushed stainless steel buttons
Dimensions - Panel:
Front and back panel 180 x 280 (H x W)
Dimensions - Internal drawer:
160 x 250 x 280-410 (H x W x D)
Installation type.:
Digital PRO system: min. twisted pair cat. 5e or 6
Line length:
Max. 1000m
Power supply.:
15V DC 400mA
Stand-by power consumption:
~ 2,5W