7" Handsfree Door Entry Video Monitor with Glass Front in Black, PRO Systems

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ACO video monitors are modern devices designed with attention to smallest details, the design of which corresponds to modern trends and all customer demands. The modern, scratch-resistant flat glass front and high functionality allows for versatile use of these devices in various types of investments.

Available in white and black and compatible with COMO PRO digital control panels 

New features: 

  • 8 melodic ringtones
  • Doorbell function (built-in terminals for connecting a doorbell push-button)
  • Programming the settings and updating the software on the system bus (PRO-USB computer interface required)
  • Possibility of intercom calling within the main calling address and beyond the main calling address - feedback  communication with other premises or e.g. a doorman
  • Compatible with previous generations of the PRO system
  • Individual number of each device: DevID
  • Search for all devices in the system
  • Individual or group facility management
  • Possibility to manage devices and update them in a working system
  • One software to handle all devices: PRO 3 Manager
  • Compatable with PRO system devices


  • Modern, flat, touch-sensitive front made of glass
  • Scratch-resistant, easy to clean
  • Illuminated touch icons
  • Colourful, expressive image
  • 7-step volume control
  • Optical signaling of mute and ringing
  • Clear, distortion-free sound
  • Intuitive and comfortable operation
  • Full privacy of the call
  • Image preview without active connection
  • Possibility of working with several monitors at the same address
  • Doorbell function (activated via the built-in entrance or via system bus: optional PRO-I/O module required)
  • Intercom: internal communication between receivers
  • An independent main and intercom address for each video monitor
  • Supports the call address from the pool available in the system: 127 addresses (programmed with switches) or from 1023 addresses available in the system (programmed from a computer using optional PRO-USB interface)
  • The monitor can react to any call address (after setting "0" address)
  • Control of external devices, e.g. gateway, barrier, roller shutters, lighting, even without active connection (optional PRO-/O relay module connected to the system bus required).
  • Office function - automatic door release - activation at any time
  • Possibility of connecting up to 4 additional cameras (optional VIDEO-SW2 MINI-60 module connected to the system bus required)


  • 5 x disconnectable screw terminals (PRO system bus connection):
    • Audio signal connection: "LINE".
    • Power supply connection: "+DC" and "-DC"
    • Connection of the Video signal: "V+" and "V-"
  • 1 x RJ45 connector. PRO system bus connection
  • New:
    • 2 x screw connections (detachable):
    • 1x NO e.g. "bell" button - doorbell function


  • Function button ("F2" - "circle" icon):
    • Activated at any time
    • Controlled on the system bus (optional PRO-I/O relay module connected to the system bus required)

Extra Information

ACO Door Entry Systems
Glass, ABS rear housing
Dimensions (mm):
Surface mounted
Available colours:
White / Black
Hanging up:
Headset-free, hands-free
7'' colour LCD
Power supply:
15VDC / 460 mA
Standby power consumption:
The " Circle" button (Function button F2): - on the system bus
Rj45 socket Inputs:
ARK screw connectors:
Audio and power line connection:
ARK "RING" screw connector:
NO contact, e.g. "bell" button - doorbell function (activated after a short circuit to GND of the system)