Active video splitter for Aco video door entry systems operating in P system

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Active video splitter for Aco video door entry systems operating in P system, designed for DIN rail mounting. It allows splitting audio, video and power signals (so-called bus) to four active outputs (built-in video amplifiers) and one passive output (no amplifier).

Its special feature is smart monitoring of input and output states (correct voltage, short circuit, etc.). In case of detection of incorrect status, e.g. due to a short circuit in the apartment, the splitter cuts off each active output from the door entry system, so only one apartment is disconnected and the whole door entry system can continue to work without any problems. When the short circuit is over, the splitter will automatically switch on the disconnected output again. The status of each output and input is independently checked and signaled by individual LEDs, which can indicate by flashing codes what type of failure occurred (this facilitates the diagnosis of problems in the operation of the entire intercom system).

Up to 5 video receivers can be directly connected to the splitter at a distance of max. 70m (with appropriate number of power supplies; with proper system configuration it is possible to achieve longer distance). The splitter also allows to split the main bus into 4 outputs (using active outputs) and to connect another splitter to the passive output. It also allows to terminate the main bus (built-in video terminator jumper), and one of the active outputs is additionally amplified, which eliminates the loss of video signal for long buses.

In addition, the splitter can be powered from the main bus or from an external 15V power supply and has an additional screw output for connecting audio and power lines.

It can be mounted on floors, in a collective point of the installation or in the place of bus splitting. It is designed for DIN rail mounting (occupies a width of 4 DIN modules) or surface mounting. They are compatible with ACO devices operating in P systems, both video and audio.


  • – connection of up to 5 receivers
    – distance to receiver: up to 70 m (with appropriate number of power supplies)
    – possibility to increase the distance using additional power supplies
    – division of the main bus into 4 independent outputs
    – four active outputs (video amplifiers)
    – one passive output to connect another splitter or receiver (without video amplifier)
    video amplifier)
    – one active output with additional video amplification “Long Dist.
    Dist”: ca. 1.8x (with long buses it compensates loss of video signal)
    – Possibility of working as loop-through or video splitter (built-in video terminator
    jumper-controlled video terminator)
    – powered from the bus or from an additional power supply (distributing power to
    individual outputs)
    – screw terminals for connecting the power supply and built-in cut-off jumper
    power supply from the bus
    – screw terminals for connecting audio lines
    – fault-tolerant video signals
    – monitoring of input and output status: power supply voltage and audio line voltage
    (detection of too high and too low supply voltage, output overload,
    audio line short circuit, etc.)
    – individual LEDs indicating the status of each output and input
    – flashing codes informing about 6 different statuses (errors) of each output and
    – automatic disconnection of the active output from the main bus when it is
    automatically disconnects the active output from the main bus when it experiences a power short circuit (overload) and/or audio line short circuit
    – enable normal operation of the entire door entry system in the event of
    short circuits in the apartments
    – automatic restoration of normal operation after a short circuit has occurred
    – enables the diagnosis of problems occurring in the door entry system
    – compatible with P-systems both Audio and Video


  • RJ45 connector (5 x bus: video, line, power):
    – 4 x active outputs (amplifiers); maks. obciążenie do 0,7A
    – 1 x passive output (without amplifier)
    ARK screw connectors:
    – line signal connection (audio receivers)


  • RJ45 connector (bus: video, line, power):
    – 1 x main input
    ARK screw connectors:
    – auxiliary power connection

Extra Information

ACO Door Entry Systems
ABS plastic housing
Dimensions (mm):
91,1x71x59,2 (4 DIN modules)
DIN rail or surface mounted
Power supply:
15VDC / 60 mA
Stand-by power consumption:
Installation Type:
Digital: twisted pair cat. 5e or 6