Door Entry Brands

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What is a door entry system?  A door entry system is a type of access control system which enables you to control the safety and security of your property and those using the building. With a door entry system, you can verify the identity of those wanting to access your premises prior to opening the door.

Why choose a door entry system?  A door entry system means you can be in total control of who has access to your commercial or residential property.  With this technology you can speak via a voice receiver and handset or see who is at the entry point via video. With the latter option, you can ask to see identification and confirm authorisation prior to opening the premises.

Why choose ERL?  ERL is well established independent stockist of door entry systems and other electrical equipment. We provide:

  • Door Entry Kits - Everything you need for a door entry system.
  • Handsets and Monitors – Audio and visual receivers to connect with panels from an office, reception or other room in your premises.
  • Power Supplies – Power supply units, available in a range of amp and voltage operating levels.
  • Accessories and spare parts
  • Audio & Video Panels – for system expansion and or replacement

We provide intuitive and easy to install door entry panels from exceptional brands like STR and ACO. Our industry-leading equipment comes with everything you need for installation in KIT form and we also supply everything from Stand Alone devices right down to accessories and spare parts.

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