Time Switches

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What is a time switch?  A time switch is used to control electrical equipment. With this equipment you can set an electrical circuit to come on or off at certain times of the day.

What are the common applications of a time switch? Time switches are often a critical tool in commercial settings, particularly manufacturing and industry. They can be used to control heating, lighting and ventilation equipment. Additionally, a time switch may be used for machinery, equipment and pumps.  With a time switch, you can set specific on and off times over 24-hour daily or weekly periods. They are easy to install and trusted to help improve energy efficiency in the workplace.

We offer:

  • APT time switches - engineered to withstand a broad range of operating loads.
  • Sole distributor of ORBIS Time Switches
  • Analogue time switches
  • Digital time switches
  • Staircase time switches - used to control lighting on a staircase, corridor, used to turn on lights for specific time periods.
  • Astronomical switches – can be programmed to control lighting schedules in line with sunrise and sunset times, so you can ensure lights are turned off during daylight hours, for example.

As well as our own APT IMM24 range we provide the intuitive and high-quality time switches from ORBIS. Our industry-leading equipment is guaranteed to save your business energy and money once in use.

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