USB Interface Cable for programming ACO Door Entry Systems via PC or Laptop - PRO Systems

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Search, identify and manage the settings of all devices in the system (group or individual).

Add or remove proximity tags (opening doors), assigning receiver addresses to ringing buttons, changing the time of door opening, activating notification in the receiver about door opening and managing the list of premises.

On the other hand, in monitors we can read its address, intercom address (eventually also modify them), manage the volume of the ringing tone, calls, change the melody of the ringing tone, and modify the image parameters. 


  • 3 x ARK screw connectors:
    • Connection of the PRO system line: "LINE"
    • Power supply connection: "+DC" and "-DC"
    • 2x x RJ45 connector:

PRO system bus connection


  • 1 x mini USB connection to computer

Extra Information

ACO Door Entry Systems
Type of installation:
PRO digital system (3-generation): cat. 5e or 6
Type of installation:
PRO-A digital system (3-generation): 3 wires