VIARIS COMBI - EV Charger, 7.4kW, Type 2, Tethered Charging Lead (5m)

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  • Single-phase home charging station suitable for cars, motorcycles, electrical bicycles or plug-in hybrid vehicles.
  • Easy installation, trouble free operation and attractive design for home applications.
  • Maximum current limitation available via a selector switch.
  • The VIARIS COMBI series allows charging electrical vehicles in home, community or office garages.
  • Tethered lead or socket outlet models are available. Charge Mode 3 (high communication level).
  • Connecting cord available (5 m) with Type 2 connector according to EN 62196.
  • Tactile sensor for charge activation/deactivation.
  • Wi-Fi communications.
  • Power output control, energy consumption monitoring and charging time scheduling functions—to benefit from time-of-day electricity tariffs—conveniently available via APP VIARIS COMBI with a smartphone.
  • A charge modulator monitors the energy consumption and adjusts power demand to optimise the highest charge within the shortest possible period without exceeding the supply capacity. On the two-outlet VIARIS COMBI versions, the charge modulator distributes the available power between both outlets.
  • LED lamps provide VIARIS COMBI state and vehicle charge progress indication.
  • PC enclosure with IK08 impact resistant, with IP54 protection index and high heat distortion temperature.
  • These charging stations use the standard MQTT communication protocol with cloud storage, enabling remote control and display of the charging system and facilitating, in turn, integration into other management platforms.

The selected basic model may be upgraded with the following accessories:

  • Protections against temporary and transient overvoltages, magnetothermic and differential circuit breakers (to ITC-BT-52).
  • Additional tethered outlet with Type 1 or Type 2 connector, or additional Type 2 or Schuko socket outlet.
  • MID certified energy meter, approved for expenditure management.
  • Automatic reset device according to schematic 2 of ITC-BT-52.
  • RFID card reader for charger activation/deactivation by authorised personnel and for individual electricity consumption recording (replaces the touch sensor).
  • Ethernet communications.


Extra Information

Power supply:
230 V ac
Nominal frequency:
50 Hz
Charging Time:
Approx 4 hours
Load supervision and control:
802.11 b/g/n
Time programming control:
ON/OFF touch sensor:
Casing material:
PC (RAL7035)
Casing Lock:
Yes, with key
Degree of protection:
IP54 according to EN 60529
Degree of mechanical protection:
IK08 according to EN 62262
Wall surface
Operating temperature:
-30 ºC to 50 ºC
Luminous indicator:
Station and vehicle charging state indicator