1 Way Smart Video Door Entry Kit with 7" Touch Screen, RFID Fob Access, Code Lock, Finger Print Reader

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The Amalock SV2, the ultimate solution for remote door access. This innovative product allows you to communicate directly with your mobile devices using wireless Wi-Fi technology. Installation is a breeze with our easy to understand guide. Simply press the button on the outdoor station and receive a notification on your mobile device to remotely unlock the door.

The Amalock SV2 offers a range of features to enhance your security and convenience. The sleek, 10-inch monitor with touch screen allows for 2-way communication, motion alerts, and mobile device unlocking. The indoor monitor also includes zoom-in, record file playback, and a 16G SD card for storage. Additionally, the Amalock SV2 offers multiple access options, including fob access, keypad/pin code access, and even fingerprint access.

The Amalock SV2 also boasts 2 relay outputs and is expandable to 2 panels and 6 monitors, making it perfect for larger buildings. It also supports 2 CCTV cameras and is powered by Tuya, with no monthly subscription required.

If you're looking for additional features, we offer the option to add an extra monitor (MON7) or a call panel (P2) to further customize your system. Upgrade your security today with the Amalock SV2, the ultimate solution for remote door access."


  • Stylish slim 7" monitor
  • Touch screen
  • 2 Way communication
  • Motion Alert
  • Mobile device unlock
  • Indoor monitor unlock
  • Zoom in
  • Record file playback
  • 16G SD card included
  • Fob access
  • Keypad Access / Pin Code Access 
  • Finger print access 
  • 2 relay outputs 
  • Expandable 
    • 2 panels 
    • 6 monitors
    • 2 CCTV cameras
  • Powered By Tuya


  • Add extra monitor (MON7)
  • Add call panel (P2)

Document Downloads

Product Data Sheet     Download SV2 Data Sheet

Product Data Sheet     Download User Manual

Product Data Sheet     Download Operating Instructions

Extra Information

Door Entry Kit Options:
Number of Call Buttons:
1 Call Button
Mounting Style for Panel:
Surface Mounting
Integrated RFID Reader:
Finger Print Reader:
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