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APT timeswitches have been specifically developed to withstand a wide range of loads including resistive, inductive and lighting loads. i.e. timed operations of immersion heaters, motors, lighting in domestic, commercial or Industrial premises.

Key Features

  1. Compact dimensions
  2. Tappet ‘time’ selectors allow fast, easy fingertip control
  3. No loose pins
  4. 24h dial offers the convenience of repeating a daily cycle
  5. Selector switch can be set for continuously ON/OFF in addition to the program setting
  6. 30-minute increment tappets
  7. Surface mounting box containing 2x cable clamps (IMM24 & IMM24EC)
  8. Indicator light (Load)
  9. Terminals which can accommodate 2x 1.5mm conductors
  10. Impact resistant housing (ABS)