ERL are proud to be working in partnership with Orbis supplying Wholesalers & B2B throughout the UK.

  • Timers

  • Motion Presence Detectors

  • Climate Control & Home Automation

  • Outdoor Lighting Management

  • Energy Measurement & Management

  • Electric Vehicle Chargers

65 years’ manufacturing experience with over 25 million products installed in more than 60 countries, with Orbis you can be guaranteed to find a product that meets your needs and expectations.

About Orbis

Orbis is an International Brand with sixty-plus years in the Industry.  They have manufactured more than 25 million products, supplying to over sixty countries worldwide. With production centres in four European countries and offices in Germany, Italy and Spain, Orbis has a truly global reach and reputation.

Experience and Quality

Orbis has years of experience in engineering, designing, creating and manufacturing products with an overarching view towards quality and robust design.  Orbis conducts laboratory checks and testing to ensure every single component they produce meets their rigorously high standards.

Energy Efficiency

Orbis has a strong commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability, and this commitment touches on every product they produce and we supply. Orbis offers products and services for the modern industrial world, from time switches to electric vehicle chargers.

Orbis Product Range

Regulatory Standards

Orbis commitment to excellence enables them to meet all European and Internation Guidelines on Quality and Safety, manufacturing products that you can rely on to meet your expectations.

Products that Deliver

Every single product manufactured in the Orbis range undergoes the strictest testing, with a focus on quality from the design phase onwards. The result is a huge range of products that deliver in terms of build quality and long-term performance.

  • Analogue Time Switches
  • Digital Time Switches
  • Staircase Timers
  • Timers and Regulators
  • Token or Coin Timers
  • Hour Meters
  • Liquid Level Relays
Motion Presence Detectors
  • Motion Detectors
  • Presence Detectors
  • Ceiling Lamp Detectors
  • LED Luminaries
Climate Control & Home Automation
  • Thermostats
  • Chronothermostats
  • Phone Controllers
  • Control Devices for Installation / Junction Box
  • LED Courtesy / Emergency Lights
  • USB Sockets
  • Door Bells
  • Gas Detectors
Outdoor Lighting Management
  • Astronomic Time Switches
  • Twilight Switches
  • High-Performance Light Stabilisers-Dimmers
  • Smart Cities / Remote Management
Energy Measurement & Management
  • Modular Energy Meters
  • Multifunction Meters
  • Digital Meters
  • Network Analysers
  • Energy Managers
  • Energy Measurement and Management Accessories
  • Load Managers
  • Billing Energy Meters (Single Phase & Three Phase)
  • Prime Smart Meters
Electric Vehicle Chargers
  • EV Smart Chargers for Private Environments
  • EV Smart Chargers for Public Environments

Contact Us

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