Analogue Timer, 230V AC, Daily/30 min Programming, BEAB Approved, Automatic, Permanent On/Off

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  • Compact dimensions
  • Tappet 'time' selectors allows fast, easy fingertip control
  • 30 minute increment tappets
  • No loose pins
  • 24hr dial offers the convenience of repeating a cycle daily
  • Supplied with surface mounting box containing 2x cable clamps
  • Impact resistant housing
  • A slider switch allows the unit to be set for continuously ON/OFF in addition to the program setting
  • Terminals which can accommodate 2x 1.5mm conductors are provided
  • Indicator light

Technical Specification

16.1A Resisitive
4A Inductive

Max. Recommended Load

Incandescent Lamps: 3500W
Fluorescent Tubes: 1200 VA
Low Voltage Halogen (23V AC): 2000 VA
Halogen (230V AC): 3000W
Low Consumption Lamps (CFL): 1000 VA
Low Consumption Lamps (downlights): 900 VA
LED Lamps: 200 VA

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