Astronomical Timer, Digital, DIN Rail, 35 mm Wide, 7 Day / All Year Programming, Up to 40 Daily or Weekly Programs, 16(10)A

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  • Automatic time switch to control lighting based on the time of day and astronomical events such as sunset and sunrise, accounting for geographic location and calendar date
  • Astronomical timed switch with daily updating and simple guided programming using text menus
  • Allows the programming cycles and pulses as short as 1 second
  • Has a connection port for programming through the SMART BLUETOOTH KEY accessory
  • Simple guided programming using text menus in different languages
  • Up to 40 daily or weekly programs
  • Large backlit display with contrast adjustment
  • Has 4 periods between two dates with special programs, which practically makes it a yearly timer switch
  • Adjustable correction of astronomical timetable of up to + 9 hours, 59 minutes
  • Contact operating hours counter
  • Keyboard blocking using password
  • User replaceable reserve battery of up to four years
  • Manual activation or deactivation, temporary or permanent
  • ASTRO NOVA CITY: two switched contacts.
  • Fixed or astronomical operations (dawn and dusk)
  • Automatic daylight savings changes according to country
  • On-screen chronogram of functioning
  • REDUC function to avoid overlap between fixed and astronomical operations
  • Sealable clear window to avoid unathorised handling
  • Optional Accessories: BLUETOOTH DONGLE

Max. Recomm. Load:

  • Incandescent Lamps: 3000W
  • Fluorescent Tubes: 1200VA
  • Low Voltage Halogen (12V AC): 2000VA
  • Halogen (230V AC): 3000W
  • Low Consumption Lamps (CFL): 600VA
  • Low Consumption Lamps (downlights): 400VA
  • LED Lamps: 90VA

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Extra Information

Power supply:
230 ± 10 % Vac
Nominal frequency:
50 / 60 Hz
Switching capacity:
16(10) A / 250 V ac
IP Rating:
Module number:
Wire cross section:
4 mm²
Operating temperature:
-10 ºC to 45 ºC
DIN Rail