Single Outlet

The VIARIS UNI offers a complete solution, elegant design, mobile app, activation by touch or card - Ideal for homes and offices

Dual Socket Outlet

Do you need 2 charge points, Type 1 and Type 2, tethered/untethered? Don’t worry we got you covered with the VIARIS COMBI+.  

Why choose ORBIS EV Chargers

Easy Installation

Designed for convenient and quick wall-mounted installation.


3kW to 22kW Electric Vehicle chargers available across the entire VIARIS range 


Orbis EV Chargers are compatible with all EV Cars on the road.

Smart Chargers

All ORBIS chargers are wifi enabled communicating with your car allowing for status updates


Charge Modulation

ORBIS Chargers all have Charge Modulation allowing you to maximise your charge and minimise home disruption.  



With over 65 years of manufacturing experience and installations in over 70 Countries.  Orbis are quickly becoming the charger of choice throughout Europe.

What is our Charge Modulation?

ORBIS Chargers all have Auto Power Control allowing you maximise your charge and minimise home disruption.  


* Take advantage of all the power available

* No need to contract additional power

* Considerably reduces the charging time



Control your charger with the VIARIS mobile app

VIARIS mobile App available to download 

* Remote switching on and off
* Configuration of automatic activation periods
* Configurable warnings on the charging status
* Ability to manage one or several VIARIS
* Real-time information on the total installation and electric vehicle energy consumption
* Record of home or installation and vehicle consumption per hour, day or month
* Query the charging time and consumption of each vehicle to allocate energy costs
* Query consumption habits per week days or time slots
* Free download for iPhone and Android